A Journey to Your Ideal Life

by Dani Fake Webb on April 19, 2010

waking upIf you’ve been reading my eZine, then you know about my belief in the power of the Authentic Self. (If you haven’t, you can sign up over there on the right.) In its simplest form, your Authentic Self is that voice in you that knows the life you are meant to live. When I work with my clients, I encourage them to name their Authentic Self. Naming takes her out of the realm of theory and personifies her – makes her more real.

Making her real is critical because although she lives in us all, she may have spent the past few years sleeping. If that’s the case, she is groggy as you wake her. Her muscles may be atrophied. She may be thirsty and hungry. But as she comes alive, with good soul-food and exercise to make her strong, she will grow you into the person you are created to be.

Do you want to discover more about the person you are created to be?

Your Authentic Self holds the key. And here’s the best part: who you are created to be is NOT just about vocation, or purpose or fulfillment. I mean, yes, it is about those things. But it is also about:

  • How you experience your days
  • Who you are in relationship with
  • How you deal with your family
  • Your natural body weight
  • Your physical environment (home, décor, etc.)
  • How you show up in “scary” situations (job interviews, conflicts, public speaking, etc.)
  • How big your “to do” list is
  • The amount of peace you feel
  • How you raise your children

Do you see where I am going? Your Authentic Self holds the key to who you are. Do you really want to be the woman (or man) who is constantly overwhelmed, eating on the run, not having time for exercise, hating her job, wishing for a (better) relationship who maybe drinks a little too much wine and spends a little too much money?

voiceIs that you? If you relate to some (or all) of that, my guess is this is not who you want to be.

If you have a sense that there are some areas of your life that are not reflective of who you want to be, hone in on that sense! You know that little tiny voice that knows you want something different? That is the still, small whisper of your Authentic Self. She is trying to talk to you. Listen….

Oh, and those other voices you hear? The ones that say, “But I can’t change jobs. I don’t have time to create what I really want. I don’t have enough money to stop. But <this person> is my problem.” Those voices are not your Authentic Self. They belong to the other parts of you that live on the bus of your life. Those parts of you may think they know how to drive, but they don’t hold the map and have no idea where your life is destined to go. (More on your bus people later this week!)

But she does. Your Authentic Self knows the way, and she knows how to drive. Will you let her?

~~Thoughts~~Authentic Self

In order to move along that journey to your Ideal Life, you must first know what it is. Do you know what you want to do? Do you know who you want to be? Do you know what you want to have? Clarity is the first step.

I encourage you to write it down. For example:

  1. Here is what I want to DO:  (Help build clean drinking water systems in developing countries; be the best parent to my children; write a book; start my own business; become an interior decorator; work in a small company; educate others; lobby congress; be a nurse; fight for equal rights; leave a legacy for my children; care for those who are hurting….etc.)
  2. This is who I’d like to BE: (Peaceful; confident; content; secure; joyful; fulfilled; funny; rebellious; edgy; calm; energetic; focused…etc.)
  3. This is what I’d like to HAVE:  (No debt; a new house; a Lexus SUV; a professional decorator to make my home beautiful; a home theatre; a dog; a horse; a house at the beach; a social circle like that on F.R.I.E.N.D.S.; an amazing marriage; a fabulous relationship with my family…etc.)

(Note: don’t let your material desires freak you out. It’s ok. We all have them. Just be honest about what they are. As you’ll discover, it’s not about the things. It’s about the feelings they create. These feelings are a good clue to who you are created to be.)

Then, using the bullets above as a guide, write down what you want your life to be. For example:

  • How do you wish to experience your days?
  • Who do you want to be in relationship with? Who do you not want to be in relationship with?
  • How do you want to deal with your family?
  • How can you be healthy and at your natural body weight?
  • What do you want your physical environment to be like?
  • How do you dream about showing up in “scary” situations?
  • How do you want to handle your “to do” list?
  • How much peace do you want to feel?
  • How do you want to raise your children?

Once you are clear, then you can begin the process of learning more about how to let your Authentic Self drive the Bus of Your Life. (I am excited to share more about that this week!)

For now, if you are so inclined, I encourage you to go through the exercise outlined above. See what comes up for you. Be very aware of the voices come up for you!! They will be important to get to know as you go through this process.

And, I’d love to hear from you! Email me at dani@danifakewebb.com and let me know how this process is for you.

Until next time, may you love your life today.


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