Categories for the July “I Believe…” Challenge

by Dani Fake Webb on June 29, 2010

Greetings fellow Challenge-Takers!

If you plan to participate in some or all of the July “I Believe…” Challenge, following are the categories for each day.

You will notice that I have done it a tad differently than I said I would in the video. I had mentioned that I would create categories and sub-topics for you to choose from. That got too complicated, so I decided to just give the category, and you can create your own sub-topic if the main category isn’t doing it for ya! (For example, July 27 has the category “Spirituality,” a HUGE category. So feel free to pick your own topic to “believe” about, such as the Bible, evil, energy, the Universe, etc.)

Refer to this post for an explanation of the five ways you can participate!

Let’s have some fun!

Thursday, July 1: Purpose

Friday, July 2: Anger

Saturday, July 3: Authenticity

Sunday, July 4: Body Image

Monday, July 5: Community and the importance of relationships

Tuesday, July 6: Compassion

Wednesday, July 7: Confidence

Thursday, July 8: Creativity

Friday, July 9: Exercise

Saturday, July 10: Failure

Sunday, July 11: Family

Monday, July 12: Fear

Tuesday, July 13: Hope

Wednesday, July 14: Laughter

Thursday, July 15: Learning

Friday, July 16: Living in the Now

Saturday, July 17: Law Of Attraction

Sunday, July 18: Love

Monday, July 19: Luck

Tuesday, July 20: Money

Wednesday, July 21: Nutrition

Thursday, July 22: Others’ Opinion of You

Friday, July 23: Politics

Saturday, July 24: Role of the Unconscious

Sunday, July 25: Self Care

Monday, July 26: Social Media

Tuesday, July 27: Spirituality

Wednesday, July 28: Time

Thursday, July 29: Value of Work

Friday, July 30: Your Authentic Self

Saturday, July 31: Big Dreams

Until next time, may you love your life today.


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Laura Neff - Life Leadership Coach June 30, 2010 at 1:53 am

***FABULOUS, DANI*** I can’t wait to dig in!!! So excited for day 1…Purpose…yummy! 😀

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