Fall Anticipation: Better than the Reality?

by Dani Fake Webb on August 22, 2010

Are you like me in anticipating fall?
Do you count down the days until September 1 (my official first day of fall).
Can you hardly wait for summer to end?

Anyone who knows me even a little knows how much I dislike summer and its heat, sweat, spiders, mosquitoes, humidity and silly activities like picnics and swimming pools.

Don’t I sound like quite the cynic? :)

OK, it’s not that bad. And, I am well aware that having summer as my least favorite season puts me in the VAST minority of people!! But something odd happened last week…


Fall1As my husband and I were running, we came upon a tree that had just started changing its colors (so we thought. Turns out the tree was likely dying, hence the change. But that’s not my point. We thought it was changing colors.) Also, a cooling rain fell which created a feeling in the air that was most definitively fall. As one who has been counting down the days until fall, wouldn’t you think these events would have been most welcome??

Instead, I had the thought, “No, it’s too soon for fall to be here!”


I wondered who had hijacked my brain and what had she done with the real me. I would never have a thought like that!

But I had. So I got curious (my new favorite word). Why in the world would I have a thought that made me want to keep summer around?

Then it dawned on me: Anticipation.


I realized that the anticipation of fall is almost as powerful as the actual experience of fall. I love all things fall: oranges, reds and yellows; pumpkin scones and apple cider; a cool nip in the air and the absence of mosquitoes;  apple-squash soup and cinnamon candles; blustery winds and fleece jackets; great swaths of mountainous color and fires; the scurry of life gathering for the impending winter; pumpkins; harvest; Thanksgiving. Ahhh, fall.

As I think about these fall-ish things, I love how they make me feel. And when I actually experience these fall things, I also love how they make me feel. But the experience of fall brings with it its own anticipation:

Thinking about fall-ish things in summer creates a beautiful anticipation of things to come.
Experiencing fall-ish things in the fall also brings with it the anticipation of fall giving way to winter.

One brings gain.
The other brings loss.

It’s a subtle difference. And while I most definitely want to experience the reality of fall, I also realize that I want to fully live into and enjoy the anticipation of fall that only comes with summer. I can live in the now of summer with sweet anticipation just under the surface.

And to do that, I must appreciate all that summer brings, in the now. So, without further adieu, here are the things I love like about the season I am in now! 😀

Ten Things I Like About Summer: flip_flop

  1. First and foremost, it is the season that allows the anticipation of fall to live loudly in my soul.
  2. Packing for trips is so. much. easier.
  3. Dinner can occur in lovely daylight instead of darkness.
  4. Getting up at 3am to go to the bathroom doesn’t involve the shock of an ice-cold toilet seat.
  5. The lulling loveliness of a fan’s white noise.
  6. Flip flops.white_wine_sunset
  7. Not having any icy roads to worry about.
  8. Thunderstorms.
  9. The fabulous opportunity to practice getting over my fear of turbulence (see #8).
  10. White wine. :-)

Those things I listed there? All true.
Bring on fall!


What are you anticipating?
How can you live in the joy of the anticipation, before the thing actually arrives?
What prevents you from living in the now?

Until next time, may you love your life today.


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