LUCK (Day 19: The July “I Believe…” Challenge)

by Dani Fake Webb on July 19, 2010

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luck-cloverUntil recently, I never thought much at all about luck. If you had pressed me to say what I believed about it, I probably would have said it was some mysterious force in the universe that randomly “attacked” wherever and whomever it felt like.

However, my friend Susan Hyatt has been the biggest influence in reshaping my thoughts on luck.

I now believe that people we think are “lucky” are actually people who have learned to take on life with a perspective that creates luck. Thought patterns, willingness to deal with repressed emotions, a positive outlook, gratitude….these things seem to be the common elements possessed by lucky people.

I believe that circumstances do not influence luck. Think about it. The person who wins the lottery often has a life that falls apart, relationships that crumble, and ends up in greater financial ruin than before. Lucky? I think not. And then there are the people who have lost their house, broken their leg or have absolutely nothing at all. Yet they are happy, positive, grateful and at peace. Lucky? To live a peaceful, thankful, positive life? I think so.

On a personal note…

I remember a little girl I met in Mexico. I had gone there with a group to help build an orphanage. I was overwhelmed with sadness at the level of poverty I saw as I walked through a housing village. Tents, literally. Kids with torn clothes and without shoes. Emaciated dogs.

And yet the peace I felt there was unlike anything I had experienced in the states. A group of children ran by, laughing and playing and sneaking up on us. They were fascinated by the foreign visitors to their world. One girl in particular (I never got her name) took a liking to me. She held my hand as we walked. She looked at me with shining eyes and the most beautiful bright smile.

imagesAnd as we parted ways on our final day, she pulled me aside and said, “Regalo. Regalo!” (Which means “gift” in Spanish.) As she said the word, she handed me a light blue hair band. It was something of hers. A gift from a little girl who has next to nothing in this world, given in generosity and gratitude. Is she lucky? Oh, yes. With that outlook on life, oh yes yes yes!

Was I lucky? In that moment, I was the luckiest woman in the world.

How about you? How will you create luck in your life? (If this idea appeals to you, visit Susan Hyatt’s website for more info on her upcoming book, Create Your Own Luck.)

Until next time, may you love (and create luck in) your life today.



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Annie Wolfe July 19, 2010 at 7:03 pm

With tears in my eyes I read your account of the little girl in Mexico. I recall my own such story while in Guatemala. We had a team come to a family’s house to help build an addition. It was simply cinder blocks in the mud. Nothing else. No footers, or foundation. Just a place to, very basically, get out of the rain and wind. I was overcome by this family’s warmth and service to us, as though it was their great honor that we would come visit them. It was quite the opposite. As they served us home made corn cakes hot from their stone fireplace, and literally sang to us a song about being filled with joy, I cried my own tears of joy that I had the privilege of knowing them, if even for a day. I felt like the Queen, I was treated with such respect and dignity. I was then only 15 years old.

Lucky, these people? I agree with you, yes! They couldn’t have thought of their lives any other way. They were convinced that what they had was more than what they needed, and I suppose it really was. And, as you suggest, I bet they continued on their path of creating, and finding, more of this luck on their way.

I like your suggestion that people are creating/making their own lucky path. I will ponder it much, I am sure. I have often wondered about those in life who seemed to have things work out for them, in spite of adversity. And then the others who seemed to have a little black cloud follow them wherever they go.

I don’t know why, but I have always “felt” lucky in life. But when I look at my life, it has been filled with difficulties, sadness, and struggles. I don’t think I’ll ever stop “feeling” lucky, though. As far as what I believe about luck? No stinkin’ idea! I’ll have to figure that one out. Thank you for the most unusual framework of belief about luck I’ve ever heard. I look forward to forming my own beliefs on the subject :)

Renae C. July 19, 2010 at 7:41 pm

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