Pursuing Your Passion is Damn Hard! (Here are 7 tips to make it better…)

by Dani Fake Webb on June 30, 2010

Number 1: Let’s assume you know what your passion is. (Take the Passion Journey assessment if you’re not there.)

Number 2: Let’s assume that dreaming about it is fun, exciting, full of life, energy and sleepless nights.

Number 3: Let’s assume you are ready to pursue that dream, take the steps necessary, and launch your newfound passion!

Number 4: Let’s say you launch, and BAM!, you realize that it is Harder. Than. Hell. (If my mom weren’t reading this I may have used the “F” word to emphasize this point.)

It’s true. The actual nose-to-the-grindstone work of pursuing your passion is so much harder than you think. (WHY DID NOBODY TELL ME THIS!?)

I have been coaching and facilitating for most of my adult life, and yet, when it comes to running a business, I am a beginner.

And being a beginner is hard.

But really, what choice do I have? I can either go through life safe and doing what I know and hope when I am 98 years old it will have been good enough. Or I can ~ with intention ~ pursue my passion and the life I was created to live.

I choose living. It may be Harder. Than. Hell. But it is So. Very. Worthy.

And you? You can pursue the life you were created to live. When you are ready to begin, here are some tips:

1. Throw Your Hat Over the Wall

Just do it. Jump off the cliff. Dive in. Take the Red Pill.

Whatever you want to call it, you must begin. “The Journey of a Thousand Miles Begins With a Single Step” (~Lao Tzu), and for you, for your Passion Pursuit, your Purpose, you must begin.

Life may never be the same once you do, but isn’t that the point?


Where in your life do you need to just throw your hat over the wall? Is it a relationship situation? A job? Writing a book? Taking that class? Getting that degree? Moving to that city?

2. Start Consuming

Do not do this alone. Whatever you are doing, in some form or fashion, it has been done before. Learn what it takes (and what’s hard) from those who have gone before you.

Want to be an artist/musician/author? Find out what it takes. Talk to others who have done something similar and be prepared for what’s hard.

Want to start a non-profit to help save oil-infested Gulf waters? Find out what it takes. Talk to others who have done something similar and be prepared for what’s hard.

Want to leave a bad marriage and move to your dream city? Find out what it takes. Talk to others who have done something similar and be prepared for what’s hard.

Want to go back to school? Find out what it takes. Talk to others who have done something similar and be prepared for what’s hard.

Your idea may be unique to you. But there are folks who have gone before you in some way shape or form who can provide you with information about your quest.


When you think of your Passion Pursuit, what are the sources from which you can get the information you need? Books? Blogs? A class? Associations? Social media? Local community? Friends?

3. Stop Consuming

At some point, you will have more information than you know what to do with. It may not be enough, but then again, you will never have “enough” information.

There will come a time when you need to just STOP bringing in more info. This happened for me when I realized I was constantly overwhelmed, receiving conflicting information, and most importantly, admitted I was not moving forward because all I did was take in information.

When this time comes for you, commit to moving forward with the information you have. It will be enough.

Is there any area of your life right now that you need to stop consuming and just move forward? How can you do that?

4. Stop Comparing

I once read a statistic that something like 1136% of women feel crappy about themselves after reading women’s fashion magazines.

And after too much consuming (see #2 and #3 above) about what others were doing, I realized I was starting to feel crappy about myself.

See, I am not Susan Hyatt, successful coach, amazing woman.

I am not Christine Kane, amazing musician with a phenomenal business.

I am not Pamela Slim, all around sweetheart and kick-ass author.

When I compared my business to theirs, I felt crappy, deflated, like a failure.

I am not them. But I am Dani Fake Webb. And that’s pretty good.

As you work on your Passion Pursuit, you will surely see that:

Others have left their day jobs and successfully opened an art gallery.
Others have started successful non-profits.
Others have taken charge of their relationships and now have a happy life.
Others have gone back to school, gotten a degree, raised 15 babies, run a marathon every week, slept 2 hours per night and made a million dollars.

These “others” are not you. Only you are you. And that’s pretty damn good.

Stop comparing. Period.

Is there any area of your life right now that you need to stop comparing and embrace YOU?

5. Confront Your Fear, Head On

No ifs, ands, or buts about this one.

Pursuing your passion can bring up loads and loads of fear. Insecurity. Money issues. Time issues. What-other-people-think issues.

I may be biased, but get a life coach. Or do something where you tackle your fear – head on. It may be the single biggest barrier between you and your ideal life.

Here are some articles that may spark some ideas…

What will you do to confront your fear in your Passion Pursuit?

6. Do Something Every Day

No matter how small, do something. Read an article. Write a paragraph. Sit for 20 minutes with your fear.

(The 20-Minute Rule may help you define those somethings.)

What will you do today to move toward your Passion Pursuit?

7. Take Time to Reflect

There is so much to be done when we are pursuing our dreams. Often we can get lost in all that we have to do and forget all that we have done. (See To Beat Up or To Celebrate?)

So, every once in a while, sit down with your journal and make a list of all that you have accomplished. You may be surprised.


What have you done to move toward your Passion Pursuit? Make a list. If you’re just getting started, refer to #6. And in a few days, come back to #7.

A Final Thought

My Passion Pursuit is helping people discover who they are created to be.

I want to help you with that discovery and pursuit.
You are worth it.
Take a chance.
Pursue your passion – starting today.

Until next time, may you love your life today.


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chicsinger simone June 30, 2010 at 5:07 pm

AHHHHH STOP being in my head! Just kidding, it is great to think WWDFWD?

Excellent post, very concrete helpful advice. Thanks for the road map to change.

Leslie Rinchen-Wongmo June 30, 2010 at 7:07 pm

I love this, Dani! Consuming is good, reaching out, getting info and help, but don’t go overboard. Keep a balance. Know when it’s time to stop and get on with what you have to do, and find your own way. Comparing, on the other hand, is a “stop” from step one. Don’t give it any space. Never does any good! (Well, except maybe once in a while for recognizing my great good fortune and being grateful.)
Thanks for an inspiring and life-affirming post.

Dani Fake Webb June 30, 2010 at 8:08 pm

Thanks, Leslie!!

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