To Beat Up or To Celebrate?

by Dani Fake Webb on April 6, 2010

Do you beat yourself up for all the things you don’t get done?

Do you take time to really celebrate all that you have accomplished?

Do you have a regular habit of reflecting on your life?


As I recover from a crazy-busy March, these questions are on my mind. The first quarter of 2010 has been a whirlwind, roller-coaster, psycho-busy (pick your metaphor….). In it all, I am finding it very easy to focus on all that I have not done.

“Dani, you haven’t done the marketing you planned to do.”

“Dani, you haven’t met your business goal.”

“Dani, you haven’t started developing your group class.”

“Dani, you haven’t kept up on your own coaching assignments.”

“Dani, you haven’t connected with the friends you wanted to connect with.”

“Dani, you haven’t organized your office.”

“Dani, you haven’t run all the miles for your half marathon training.”

I could go on here….but I think you get the point.

As each of these thoughts would pass through my mind at various times, I’d feel like a failure. It was subtle, but these things generated a fairly constant sense of “I’m not doing enough.” And the constant, low-level anxiety was not a welcome friend.

I want something different for my life. Do you want something different for your life?


Are there areas of your life that you chastise yourself for not getting it all done?

What are the negative voices that push and judge you?

What will you do to continue to be aware of these voices?


We don’t need the chastizing voices that can be our constant companions. What we need is a little reflection and honesty.

So here it is, the first full week of April, and the official beginning of the 2nd quarter of this year. I think it’s time for some of that reflection, and a great big reality check. Care to join me?

Yes, it is true I fell short on many of my goals for the first quarter (maybe you did too). And, of course I have some things I wish I could have gotten done or that I wish I’d done differently.

But, what is more important is focusing on what I (YOU) actually have done. The list is long. Surprisingly long.

  • I wrote all the copy for and launched a website.
  • I created a giveaway that I am very proud of (The Passion Journey).
  • I started an e-Zine.
  • I have managed to keep up with my e-Zine!
  • I coached some very cool women (and one awesome man!)
  • I met six social media friends live and in person.
  • I ran 130 miles.
  • I averaged 25 hours a week in my corporate job (quite unusual) while running my business.
  • I traveled to 5 different cities on 6 different trips.
  • I coached 60 people on communication and presentation skills.
  • I helped take care of a child for two different weeks.
  • I made my first ever video for my website!
  • I test-drove a Passat. (OK, maybe not an accomplishment, but SO FUN!)
  • I marketed an event (brand new for me!)
  • I created a women’s retreat.
  • I hosted my first teleconference.
  • I kept up with the laundry.
  • I got all the bills paid and budgeting done.
  • I had a huge insight about pressure I was putting on my husband.
  • I got the laundry room organized.

And most importantly, I learned. Oh, I have learned soooo much in these past three months. (I’ve made a list of those learnings as well, but I won’t bore you with them – yet!)

What amazes me about this list is how much I take these accomplishments for granted. Until I intentionally reflected on this list, I was much more focused on what I didn’t do, what I haven’t gotten done, where I have “failed.”

But when I look at what I have done, I think, “HOLY COW!”

I think its time to celebrate. I mean, I’ve done a lot. I should be proud. (That is REALLY hard to say publicly. But I am saying it. Because I want you to feel proud of what you have done, too.)

Yep. It’s time to celebrate. Bring on the champagne for First Quarter 2010!


NOTE: It is important to point out that your list does NOT have to be a list of grand accomplishments. Did you clean out the refrigerator that had been bugging you? Celebrate! Did you hold your tongue in an argument with your partner? Celebrate! Did you not smoke for another day? Celebrate! Did you walk the dog when you didn’t want to? Celebrate!

The idea is to get in touch with the little victories of your days, as well as the big ones.


What have you done in this first quarter of 2010? (Review “NOTE” above.)

What have you learned?

How will you take action to celebrate?

Thank you for joining me on this journey of reflection. I hope you are inspired to do the same for your own life. And most importantly, I hope you will take time to quiet the critical voices and CELEBRATE!!!

Until next time, may you love your life today.


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